About me

Hello, my name is Tianzhou (Charles) Ma, I am an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the School of Public Health at University of Maryland College Park. I received my PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 and a MS in Biostatistics from Yale University in 2013. My research focuses on developing useful and timely statistical methods and softwares in genomics and bioinformatics, meta-analysis and data integration, statistical machine learning, Bayesian analysis, high-dimensional variable selection, as well as their application in cancer, neuroscience and epidemiology fields. I am actively seeking for collaborations with researchers in both methodology and application (not restricted to my current fields of research). Please visit our research group at: www.umdbright.com

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Research interest

  • Multi-omics (e.g. genotype, gene expression, epigenomics, proteomics, etc.) and bioinformatics
  • Meta-analysis and data integration
  • Statistical learning, clustering and high-dimensional variable selection
  • Bayesian analysis and hierarchical modeling
  • Application in cancer (e.g. Pan-gynecologic cancer and Pan-kidney cancer), neuroscience (e.g. severe mental illness and aging) and epidemiology
  • And other new fields to be explored …

Recently, we have special interest in developing methods for imaging-genetic data integration, novel statistical genetic methods (e.g. fine mapping, Polygenic risk score (PRS), etc.) and in the fields of comparative genomics and functional genomics.

Recent highlighted publications

Notes: ^: co-first author; *: corresponding author; students underlined; [My Google Scholar Page]

[1] Ye Z^, Ke H^, Chen S, ..., Milton D and Ma T*. (2021). Biomarker categorization in transcriptomic meta-analysis by concordant patterns with application to Pan-cancer studies. Frontiers in Genetics. Accepted.

[2] Saegusa T, Zhao Z , Ke H , Ye Z , Xu Z, Chen S and Ma T*. (2021). Detecting survival-associated biomarkers from heterogeneous populations. Scientific Reports , Accepted. [pdf] [software]

[3] Ma T, Ren Z and Tseng GC. (2020). Variable screening with multiple studies. Statistica Sinica , 30(2): 925–953.[pdf]

[4] Ye Z^ , Mo C^, Hatch K, Liu S, Gao S, Hong E, Kochunov P*, Chen S* and Ma T*. (2021). White matter integrity and nicotine dependence in smokers: evaluating vertical and horizontal pleiotropy. bioRxiv. [Link]

[5] Mo C^, Ye Z^ , Hatch K, Zhang Y, Wu Q, Liu S and Kochunov P, Ma T* and Chen S*. (2021). Genetic Fine-mapping with Dense Linkage Disequilibrium Blocks: genetics of nicotine dependence. bioRxiv. [Link].

[6] Lin C, Chang L, Ma T, Oh H, ... , Tseng GC and Sibille E. (2020). Older Molecular Brain Aging in Severe Mental Illness. Molecular Psychiatry , 1-11. PMID: 32632206.

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